Press releases (05/13/13) Sulzer Metco Announces a New Spray Gun to Their Cascading Arc Portfolio

Sulzer Metco Announces a New Spray Gun to Their Cascading Arc Portfolio Sulzer Metco released a new plasma spray gun, the SinplexPro, with cascading arc technology. The new spray gun typically boosts process efficiency for their customers by 60% to 170% over conventional spray guns based on testing performed to date.

Building on the success of the TriplexPro spray guns, Sulzer Metco is responding to the strong request from the market to improve efficiency on existing spray systems. SinplexPro is a single-cathode spray gun with cascading arc technology that eliminates the interdependence of the plasma arc with processing gases and flows. This results in a more idealized state of the plasma jet that provides more uniform heating of feedstock particles.

"While the TriplexPro gives customers the largest gains in process efficiencies and reduced processing costs, the efficiency gains achievable with SinplexPro are significant too," says Omar Sabouni, Product Line Manager for Sulzer Metco. It has the additional advantage of integrating seamlessly into the customer’s current spray operation at relatively minimal cost."

Previewed in 2012 at the International Thermal Spray Conference in Houston TX, the SinplexPro platform of spray guns promised to give customers the option of adding cascading arc technology to their existing plasma spray system. Today that gun is a reality with product ready for immediate sale.

SinplexPro is offered in two spray angles 90° and 180°. An included CPI-500 unit ensures proper ignition of the SinplexPro irrespective of the power supply or system controller used. Customers can easily switch between the SinplexPro and their conventional spray guns without reconfiguration.

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