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Friction is the force that resists motion between the surfaces of two components in contact with each other. In engineered systems, there is often the need to either reduce friction or increase friction. The right coating solution can help in either case.


Anti-skid coatings can be applied to metal decks, catwalks and stairs to help prevent personnel from slips and falls, even when the metal surface is wet or dirty. Oerlikon Metco’s solutions can be applied in the shop or on site, using portable equipment and materials.

In the textile industry, thread guides made from steel or aluminum require coatings that provide wear-resistance, low friction, electrical insulation and thermal insulation as the thread is moving at very high speed. Oerlikon Metco provides coating solutions where ceramics are applied by thermal spraying and finished using post-coat processes. The coatings contribute to increased lifetime of the guide thus reducing costs while ensuring quality and consistency of the end product.

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