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Mud Motor Rotors

Oerlikon Metco’s solutions for mud motor coatings are a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to the common hard chrome plating. Our premier line of Thermal Spray coatings is designed to resist abrasion while outperforming in corrosion resistance.

10 Times Longer Service Life for Mud Rotors

Mud motors operate in a corrosive environment — nevertheless, to be cost effective, they must remain in service as long as possible. But the lifespan of a hard chromium plated, or tungsten carbide (WC) coated rotor is not just reduced due to the demanding operating conditions in the wellbore itself. Each new coating application, too, reduces the rotor dimensions, as the coating has to be completely removed before applying the new coating.

Designed to Outperform

Oerlikon Metco’s materials for mud drilling applications are developed with one objective in mind — your productivity — and specially designed for gas-fueled or liquid-fueled HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel) processes. Their engineered and optimized compositions and PSD’s (Particle Size Distributions) minimize powder waste and produce industry-leading coatings thanks to higher deposition rates.

The coatings are not only long-lasting and durable, but with significantly less residual stress so that they are fracture resistant and repairs are reduced. This leads to fewer maintenance intervals, less unplanned interruptions and ultimately lower costs. Additionally, the rotor can operate not only longer, but also with higher precision, thus reducing drilling costs.

More Than Durable — Repairable

New developments of cobalt-free matrix alloys take into account increasing environmental regulations. They exhibit

  • Increased ductility (resistance to cracking)
  • Higher resistance to the high chloride content found in some critical drilling environments
  • Can even be repaired without stripping — yet another benefit for the environment and the budget.

These characteristics, combined with lower coating application and finishing costs, deliver a significant value proposition.


Compared to hard chromium plated mud drilling rotors, the service life of HVOF sprayed components could be increased tenfold from 80 to 800 service hours. The HVOF sprayed components exhibited significantly less corrosion and wear.

Tests in the Oerlikon Metco Technical Center at Barchfeld, Germany, proved that drilling operations can continue longer thanks to significantly less corrosion and wear. The chromium plated solutions for drill bits exhibited double the volume loss compared to Oerlikon Metco proprietary materials. (ASTM G65 B test method)