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At times, it is desirable to form a pattern or a design on a surface by embossing (raise in relief) or engraving (cutting into) the surface.


Industries that process plastic foils or paper frequently need to produce surfaces with an attractive matte appearance. To create the desired surface texture, the foil or paper is pressed between a textured embossing roll and a press roll. 

A thermal spray coating applied to a new or used embossing roll can produce a surface having a homogeneously random pattern. The size range of the surface pattern is largely controlled by the roughness of the coating, which can range from 10 – 300 µm Ra. For pattern embossing, thicker thermal spray coatings of copper are often used. 

Within the printing industry, thermal spray coatings are a mainstay for anilox rolls. A dense, homogeneous coating of chrome oxide is applied to the roll which is subsequently laser engraved with a fine pattern. These coated rolls, used for ink transfer during the printing process, are both wear resistant and corrosion resistant to modern water-based ink formulas. 

The surface profile of corrugating rolls is maintained using wear-resistant thermal spray or thin film coatings. These rolls are typically over 4 m (13 ft) long. 

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by using our coating solutions to restore worn and damaged surfaces, create roughness patterns, and economically develop prototypes. Our solutions give you control of critical dimensions and clearances in dynamic systems.

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