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The thermal management of electrical cars is critical. The applications range from fast and efficient heating of the passenger compartment to pre-heating of sensitive electronic parts at low temperatures.


Improve Thermal Management and Performance

Our advanced multi-layer coatings enable the construction of more compact and lighter electrical heaters, resulting in smaller packaging, faster installation and reduced energy consumption.

Brake Discs
As the recuperation mode takes over the braking function in hybrid and electric-powered cars, mechanical brakes are less frequently used. This may cause corrosion on the discs, resulting in a potential loss of braking power —a high risk in emergency situations. 

Thermal Insulation System
Our solutions for EMI shielding protect your electronics from disturbances that could negatively impact functionality and safety. The conductive coating provides a thin and light protection layer designed to absorb electrical magnetic fields and ensure reliable performance.

Water cooling of heat sinks and other electronic components demand a resilient electric insulation between the water channels and electrically charged parts. Our electrical insulation coating solutions ensure their long-lasting reliability.

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