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Coater and Creping Blades

The quality of coater blades is a decisive factor for the paper coating quality. Coating profile losses due to uneven wear and reduced surface quality as a result of increased PPS (Parker Print-Surf) roughness are the main drivers for blade change. A highly wear-resistant working edge applied via thermal spray is the state-of-the-art solution for ultimate profile and roughness stability, while guaranteeing the highest value for the end-user.

Coater and Creping Blades

The Edge that Matters

To ensure the high performance of creping blades in the tissue industry, high-quality ceramic coatings are essential. Smooth wear characteristics and good sliding properties against the Yankee dryer prevent chatter and provide long blade run times.

Oerlikon Metco’s full range of high-end HVOF and plasma spray equipment is ideal for the application of high-performance coatings for coater and creping blades. A wide range of optimized carbide powders and high-quality oxide ceramics can be combined with our best-in-market spray systems to produce high-end coatings for this demanding application.

With Oerlikon Metco equipment and materials you can deliver:

  • Coater blades with highly wear-resistant, smooth and dense carbide or oxide coatings that ensure high quality and long life in these applications
  • Top-performing creping blades with optimized toughness and wear resistance to meet the demands of the high-quality tissue industry
  • Consistent and reliable quality delivered to your customers

Our extensive process, material, and application knowledge allows us to find the optimum solution for your needs — through standard materials and processes or unique solution development in our Coating Solution Centers or through joint R&D collaboration.

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