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Landing Gears and Internal Engine Components

Oerlikon Metco develops surface solutions for vital aircraft systems, such as the hydraulic cylinders, seals of landing gear components (big and small) and other wing actuators. Our materials and coatings improve durability and longevity of these components and are a high-performance replacement for hazardous hard chromium plating.

Safe and Green: Increase Takeoff and Landing Cycles

Oerlikon Metco’s engineers have a deep understanding of customers’ needs and the applications within the aerospace industry, as well as of materials and processes. That is why we are uniquely positioned to develop and provide coating solutions that

  • Provide durable wear and corrosion resistance
  • Increase takeoff and landing cycles, particularly for landing gear components
  • Allow for longer maintenance interval cycles
  • Improve overall component performance

This not only leads to higher efficiency for your customers and increased safety for the airplane passengers, but also contributes to a greener technology through significant reduction or elimination of hexavalent chromium.

In close cooperation with OEMs and MROs, we develop solutions specifically tailored to customers’ needs, including materials, products and processes such as:

  • APS (Atmospheric Plasma Spraying)
  • HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)

For example, Oerlikon Metco’s HVOF spray guns and our customized WCCo & WCCoCr materials are the perfect solution for complex geometries, where coating application is a challenge using conventional equipment. Our application technology excels in maintaining a consistently stable process through optimized gas and powder flow including challenging off-angle applications which can result in poor coating quality without our process control. In addition, thermal sprayed landing gear can often be returned to service much faster than those that are chromium plated, which often have to sit in the plating bath for many days to achieve the needed plating thickness. Our HVOF coatings apply with very good as-sprayed surface finishes, thereby requiring minimal post-coat finishing.