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Our Metco-brand thermal spray coatings are optimized, thermally sprayed surface solutions that improve the performance of your surfaces and designed to enhance the value of your products and production. Benefit from our years of thermal spray coating application expertise, and our reliability as a business partner.

Thermal spray coatings to boost performance

Thermal spray coatings, also called thermal coatings, are a type of coating that is applied to various surfaces to improve their performance and durability in harsh or extreme environments. These coatings are applied using a thermal spray process, where a material is heated to a molten or semi-molten state and then sprayed onto the surface using a high-velocity jet of gas or air.

Optimize Your Products and Production with Thermal Spray Coatings

One of the key benefits of thermal spray coatings is their ability to improve the performance and lifespan of components exposed to harsh or extreme environments. With a Metco applied thermal coating, you get protection solutions that solve many severe surface attack problems caused from corrosion, wear, friction, heat and many other surface mechanisms.

  • We can apply a Metco-brand coating to specific areas of your product or production machinery that can help optimize costs, performance and quality
Flexibility to Offer the Solution You Need

We also can also apply our Metco coatings to enhance surfaces for electrical, frictional or decorative needs. Our materials can be tailored for your specific needs for use in the wide-range of thermal spray process technologies such as; HVOF, Atmospheric Plasma Spray, Electric Arc Wire Spray, Combustion Powder and Wire Spray.

  • Metco coatings can be applied to almost all metallic substrates and many non-metallic substrates
By Your Side with Competent Support Wherever You Are

Using our thermal spray coating services gives you a partner that can provide both the consultative guidance and the application know-how needed for a successful result. We are where you are. Our global sales and service network provides competent and fast support for all your thermal spray coating requirements. With 44 locations in 22 countries, we are always there for you. Read more about us here.

  • An increasing number of customers who rely on our knowledge and experience to provide coating service solutions that meet their needs and requirements
  • Our engineering and planning teams are at your disposal to deliver robust technical solutions with fast turn-around times

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