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First Stage Buckets in IGTs

First stage blades in an Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) face an extreme combination of mechanical stress, creep, hot corrosion and high temperatures. For example, gas temperatures can reach up to 1600 to 1700 °C (2912 to 3092°F). Besides these high temperatures, IGT coatings need to have excellent thermal cyclic life to withstand many hours of operation. Their surface coating design therefore is critical for the energy efficiency of the whole system.

Longer Component Life for Hot Section Blades

Turbine blades are the most demanding applications in IGTs. As temperatures increase in IGT engines, new coating challenges occur: phase stability, sintering resistance, oxidation of the bond coat and CMAS (calcium-magnesium-alumina-silicate) resistance.

Thermal spray solutions from Oerlikon Metco include our ability to produce materials using new manufacuturing process routes, use our unrivaled advanced spray gun technology and broad range of spray processes to deal with these ever challenging requirements. As a one-stop shop, we work with your design engineering teams and coating experts to create coatings that not only boost performance, but at the same time make the process itself more robust and cost-efficient.

We work in close partnership with you to guarantee proprietary coating solutions tailored to your specific applications. This includes identifying the ideal material particle size, developing spray parameters and determing the optimal spray gun technology for your need.