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Flat Steel Processing Lines

Steel mills that operate continuous galvanizing lines (CGL) for zinc or aluminum-silicon coating, or continuous annealing lines (CAL) are confronted with various types of extreme and hazardous conditions during production and processing of flat steel. Oerlikon Metco designs materials and coatings for the steel industry that ensure consistent product quality, minimize downtime, help replace toxic chromium VI plating and reduce health threats at work through reduced manual work and operator exposure in dangerous environment.

Example: Roll Coatings for in Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL) for Zinc Coating

The molten zinc attacks the sink rolls and mounting components such as bearing, arms and snouts. It forms dross that sticks to the barrel of the rolls, resulting in surface defects on the steel strip. This makes regular repair of worn-out rolls and bearings necessary.

Our Metco™ STEEL coating solutions

  • Reduce zinc dross adhesion to the barrels, allowing for the highest quality and surface performance, with lower distortion
  • Increase lifetime of rolls and bearings significantly compared to competitor products. This allows for longer production campaigns, fewer maintenance stops, increases productivity and eliminates dangerous manual scraping work above the zinc pot
Example: Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL) for AlSi (Aluminum Silicon) Coating

Molten aluminum attacks the rolls surface heavily and quickly. This causes extremely fast roll wear and surface defects on the steel strip.

With our unique Metco STEEL coating solutions, customers

  • Benefit from up to 4 times lifetime improvement for the complete system. This results in much longer production campaigns due to fewer equipment changes
  • See a much higher product surface quality due to reduction of adhesion and superior retention of the roll surface geometry
  • Save on production cost due to fewer maintenance stops, and less diameter loss during roll revision, lower stock of rolls
Example: Roll Coatings for Annealing Furnaces

In annealing furnaces, hearth rolls are exposed to temperatures of up to 1100 °C (2012 °F). Oxide on the roll surface and slippage due to speed differences between the roll and the strip that causes surface defects on the steel strip.

Metco STEEL coating solutions ensure longer production campaigns with better steel strip quality (fewer surface defects) at reduced maintenance cost. This helps increase yield and profitability of the production line.

  • Prevents oxide pick-up for highest strip quality and improved strip run
  • Reduced maintenance cost and increased profitability (fewer repair stops for cleaning or exchange of rolls)
  • High hardness at elevated temperature for superior wear

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