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Thermal Spray Coating Services

Oerlikon Metco’s thermal spray coating services enhance the performance of your products while reducing your component manufacturing and maintenance costs. We aim to be the best thermal spray company by exceeding your expectations and give you the many benefits of thermal spray through our responsive consultative, engineering, and application services. We are where you are, by your side with competent thermal spray support wherever you are. Our service network provides competent and fast support for all your coating requirements.

Thermal spray services can be used in a wide range of industries and applications, such as aerospace, automotive, marine, and oil and gas. Some common applications of thermal spray coating services include:

  • Coating metal components to improve their wear resistance and durability
  • Coating components exposed to high temperatures to improve their resistance to heat
  • Coating components exposed to harsh environments to protect against corrosion and erosion
  • Coating components with a layer of electrical insulation to improve their electrical conductivity or insulation properties

Thermal spray coating services typically involve a thorough assessment of the substrate and the intended use of the coated component by Oerlikon Metco as the coating expert, followed by the selection of the appropriate coating material and thermal spray process. The coated component is then subjected to various quality control tests to ensure the coating meets the desired performance specifications.

Industrial Coating Services

Our thermal spray services will meet and exceed your expectations for quality and in-service functionality. We have long experience providing surfacing services on a wide range of critical components for many industries using modern, well-equipped processing facilities. Oerlikon Metco is a reliable and stable partner for your thermal spray needs. Decades of our technology and usability improvements, continuously reduce your downtime from equipment breakdowns and erroneous handling. Our ever-growing customer base is your proof of our reliable and sustainable thermal spray solutions.

Secure your investment with a sustainable, specialized partner for thermal spray coatings. Our broad know-how is your guarantee of tailor-made solutions that will give you decisive advantages over your competitors.

Our range of services is aligned exactly to your needs:

  • Problem analysis of wear mechanisms, corrosion mechanisms, production methodology and repair techniques
  • Development of customized coatings
  • Coating of single items weighing up to 60 tonnes and efficient batch coating of smaller components
  • Pre- or post-coat machining operations
  • Repair of worn components using thermal spray processes