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Yankee Dryers

The Yankee dryer is the heart of a tissue machine. It needs to retain a stable surface for creping, withstand high loads of creping and cleaning blades, and cope with occasional dry running situations. Optimized thermal sprayed coatings, often referred to as Yankee metallization, are compatible with the organic Yankee coating and resistant to chatter. These coatings provide creping stability with ceramic-tipped blades and allow trouble free operation that is demanded by tissue producers. State-of-the-art electric arc wire spray equipment allows our customers to operate with reliability and achieve top-notch results for time-critical, on-site coating projects.

Yankee Dryers

No Chatter is What Matters

High-quality thermal spray coatings on a Yankee dryer protects the tissue mill’s assets by prolonging the cast iron Yankee life significantly. A coating lifetime of over 10 years in operation is achievable, while a Yankee without a coating would need a regrind every couple of years. A thermal spray coating can also be reapplied, when required, with almost no loss of material thickness on the Yankee shell. This makes thermal spray a perfect solution for steel Yankees as well.

Oerlikon Metco’s spray equipment and a full range of materials for consistent on-site spraying is the ideal solution for high-performance Yankee dryer coatings. Our proven SmartArc™ arc spray technology provides the quality, stability and consistency needed for coatings in these challenging on-site environments.

With the Oerlikon Metco solutions, you can achieve

  • Highly wear-resistant coatings that are compatible with the organic chemistry
  • High application rates and good application economics
  • Economical coating solutions with reliable, high-throughput spray technology
  • Cleaner on-site operation with new low-dust materials with excellent cohesive and adhesive strength
  • Excellent reproducibility and consistent microstructure for optimal Yankee performance, long life and low chatter

Oerlikon Metco delivers materials ranging from economical standard feedstock wire products to high-end materials engineered using our proprietary Scoperta™ rapid alloy development methodology. The wires are designed to work reliably and repeatably with Oerlikon Metco’s electric arc wire spray equipment.

Our extensive process, material, and application knowledge allows us to find the optimum solution for our customers’ needs — through standard materials and processes or unique solutions developed using our Coating Solution Centers and/or through joint R&D collaboration.