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Electromagnetic Effects

Thermal spray coatings are used to control electromagnetic effects in various applications because they can modify the behavior of electromagnetic waves and fields, providing specific desired properties or functionalities. By designing coatings with specific properties, such as reflectivity, absorptivity, or conductivity, they can manipulate electromagnetic interactions to achieve desired outcomes in a wide range of fields and technologies.

The following terms are required to understand the EMC requirements of various electrical and electronic systems. Many of these requirements are enforced by legislation and regulations. Such regulations are expected to become more stringent with the proliferation of electronic equipment and devices.


Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) are electromagnetic emissions from a device or system that interfere with the normal operation of another device or system. Also referred to as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of a device, equipment or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without causing intolerable electromagnetic disturbance to anything in that environment 

In other words, the device, equipment or system can: 

  • Tolerate a specified degree of interference without degradation 
  • Not generate more than a specified amount of interference
  • Be self-compatible 


Oerlikon Metco produces conductive filler materials that are essential for EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) and EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) applications. Used in devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, car navigation systems and other electronics, our E-Fill™ materials provide the shielding of silver-based fillers without the high cost.  

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