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Maintain compliance with your quality standards! Our regular calibration services ensure that your coating equipment is functioning within design specifications and without process shift.

Calibration Services

Our calibration procedures are in full accordance with ISO quality standards and our calibration instrumentation and equipment is fully traceable to national measurement standards. We support you to stay compliant!

Our Services

  • Calibration of your Oerlikon Metco equipment, including safety devices like gas leak detectors
  • Processing of all relevant thermal spray process parameters, including gas flow, pressure, current, voltage, rotation, liquid fuel flow, wire feed, temperature, water flow & temperature, velocity, load cell accuracy, conductivity
  • ISO-conformant calibration certificates

Your Benefits

  • Consistent spray quality and elimination of process parameter shift
  • Compliance with your ISO quality requirements
  • Reliable, high-quality service from your equipment OEM
  • Process parameters transferable between spray equipment