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Oerlikon Metco Offers Simplified Logistics with Customized Turnkey Pump Repair Solutions

Barboursville WV, USA — September 2, 2019 — Leading surface solutions provider Oerlikon Metco provides turnkey built-to-print pump components with improved surface solutions for corrosion and wear using precision-controlled process.

Oerlikon Metco Offers Simplified Logistics with Customized Turnkey Pump Repair Solutions

More and more, OEM pump repair centers need quality vendors that can manufacture replacement parts for large specialty pumps used for oil & gas, water & wastewater, hydroelectric and other industrial applications. Oerlikon Metco can not only supply these built-to-print components but can take it a step further with the company’s Metco PUMP and Metco SOL engineered surface solutions. The turnkey services help pump repair centers simplify their supply-chain logistics and reduce the time necessary to get their customers’ equipment back into service.

Built-to-print replacement parts are manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery to very tight tolerances.

Metco PUMP and Metco SOL are branded coatings supplied by Oerlikon Metco’s Coating Services. They represent a family of coatings that control corrosion and wear. As the various coatings in the family are designed for a variety of pump substrates and operating conditions, a tailored solution is designed for the end user. Recently, Oerlikon Metco has updated the portfolio to be able to provide improved solutions over a wider range of conditions, particularly for applications such as transfer, seawater injection and fracturing pumps used by the oil & gas market.

“We carefully control every aspect of our Metco PUMP and Metco SOL coatings and provide coating certifications to our customers,” says Mike Murray, General Manager of the Barboursville facility. “The coatings are exactly the same regardless of the Oerlikon Metco Coating Service facility that supplies it; hence, we can guarantee the coating properties.”

Coatings are applied using robotically-controlled systems and must pass strictly-enforced quality control testing. When developing a new coating for the portfolio, top candidates are both lab-tested and tested by select customers in field trials.

Thermal spray and laser cladding are used to restore parts that can be salvaged, reducing ownership costs for the end user. “Using thermal spray or laser cladding, followed by precision-controlled machining, we can often repair both O.D. and I.D. surfaces using materials that not only restore the part to its original dimensions, but improve its serviceability with longer operating life,” states Jason Aldis, General Manager of Oerlikon Metco’s Houston Coating Service facility.

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