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Technical Queries

To obtain maximum benefit from the Oerlikon Metco catalogue of products, speak to our Technical Queries (TQ) department. We provide you with process support, application expertise, training, advice, and can explain and recommend the right product for your needs.

Technical Queries
Providing the right solution

Our Technical Queries (TQ) department is your support resource for our entire range of equipment and coating materials. Trust the consultative experience of our TQ team to help you build a solution that meets your requirements and optimizes your production time and cost.

Customer support services provided by TQ includes
  • Process and applications training, including certification to specific customer standards
  • Equipment parameters and hardware setup support for specific material types
  • Guidelines and spray techniques for a wide range of existing and potential applications
  • On-site process support and spray diagnostics
Contact our TQ experts

We are dedicated to supporting you and supplying the most cost effective solution for your needs. Our goal is to provide you the most accurate information in as clear a manner as possible. Contact the TQ team if you have any questions about our product range, or need more information about how to use the products you already own.

Your Technical Support Hotline

T: +1 516 334 1300
F: +1 516 334 0036

T: +65 6545 0870
F: +65 6545 0816

T: +86 21 6708 7031
F: +86 21 6708 7001

T: +49 6142 6033 200
F: +49 6142 6033 400

T: +81 120 330 318
F: +81 3 5920 3511

T: +41 56 618 8213