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When surfaces slide relative to one another, there is a tendency for one material to transfer onto the counterface. In its most severe form, adhesive wear results in galling and possibly machinery seizure through cold welding.


The high pressures of gate valves used in the oil and gas industries are subject to galling and adhesive wear when the valve seat is actuated against the gate. These components would simply fail in service without an effective surface solution. The adhesion can be combated with coatings that provide dissimilar materials and harder surfaces. We offer a variety of surface solutions using coating and diffusion techniques that match specific applications. These coatings can be superfinished to provide proper sealing of the gate valve at pressure that can exceed 138 MPa (20,000 psi).

Piston rings are often coated with a molybdenum or molybdenum-bearing alloy to prevent adhesive wear of the ring against the cylinder wall. This not only reduces sliding wear, but adhesive wear, as well. The molydenum is naturally lubricious, and can help prevent engine seizure even when temporarily starved of lubricants.

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