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Precision laser engraved ink cells on anilox rolls are essential for the quality of the flexographic print product. But water-based inks and related washing methods that have become industry standards increase the risk of corrosion for anilox rolls. Dense, corrosion-resistant bond coats from Oerlikon Metco protect the anilox roll shell from corrosion and coating delamination while our chromium oxide materials for anilox rolls are perfectly suited for laser engraving.

Anilox Rolls

Precision to the Dot

Defect-free, extremely wear-resistant oxide ceramic coatings with low porosity and no metallic inclusions ensure high cell precision and no missing dots for long-lasting stable operation of the print press. Oerlikon Metco is well-known as a coating system and materials supplier for high-end anilox roll coatings, using our state-of-the-art HVOF and plasma application technologies as well as optimized materials to offer the highest performance in the anilox roll industry.

Whether you are looking for a full-scale coating system with part handling or best-in-class materials, Oerlikon Metco can deliver a solution for your needs:

  • Eliminate metallic inclusions in the ceramic layer due to spitting thanks to the stability of cascaded arc technology from our SinplexPro™ and TriplexPro™ plasma spray guns
  • No elemental chrome in the coatings with dense, sintered chromium oxide powders, such as Metco 6156 and Metco 6416
  • No distracting porosity thanks to the combined plasma and material technology that produces very dense ceramic coatings
  • Extensive and tailorable selection of plasma and HVOF sprayable bond coat materials for anilox roll corrosion protection and dimensional build-up.

Our top-of-the-line cascaded arc plasma spray technology with SinplexPro and TriplexPro spray guns offers unparalleled consistency and quality for chromium oxide coatings with the highest application rates and lowest total application costs. Paired with Oerlikon Metco’s dense sintered chromium oxide powders and fit-for-purpose bond coat materials and sealers, the perfect anilox solution can be built.

Our extensive process, material, and application knowledge allows us to find the optimum solution for your needs — through standard materials and processes or an optimized solution development through our Coating Solution Centers or through joint R&D collaboration. We also offer pilot or production coating services for you through our Metco Coating Services network of coating shops.