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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) are leading the way in distributed clean energy generation. In order to operate efficiently and reliably, a fuel cell needs to remain very stable at high operating temperatures. Oerlikon Metco’s solutions — state-of-the-art plasma spray equipment and advanced ceramic materials — provide a cost-efficient and flexible processing method for SOFC production.

Thermal Spray Solutions and Coatings for Clean and Efficient Power with SOFC

Prevention of cathode poisoning by chromium (Cr) ion transport from the interconnect, unwanted cathode-electrolyte reactions, and stable oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in the cathode-electrolyte triple phase boundary (TPB) are essential for the high performance of a fuel cell. To achieve this, one needs proper coatings on the surfaces of a fuel cell.

Oerlikon Metco recommend plasma spray coatings for fuel cells. That is because plasma spray coatings have advanced perovskite-type materials, such as Lanthanum Strontium Manganite (LSM) and Manganese Cobalt Oxide (MCO), which allow production of cathodes and barrier layers with required porosity levels. Also, dense electrolytes can be produced with Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) and Gadolinia-Doped Ceria (GDC).

SOFC are often based on a YSZ electrolyte and a lanthanum- and/or strontium-containing cathode material, such as LSM. Electronic conductivity, catalytic activity as well as thermal and chemical compatibility need to be combined with controlled porosity and cost-effective productivity levels.

Specialized Fuel Cell Coating Materials and State-of-the-art Plasma Spraying Equipment

Oerlikon Metco offers state-of-the-art application equipment and specialized materials for the SOFC industry:

  • LSM and MCO materials protect the cathode from Cr poisoning
  • YSZ materials for electrolytes
  • Plasma sprayed insulating layers to improve thermal cycling resistance
  • Specialized solutions and tailor-made materials for your specific needs through R&D collaboration and our proprietary Scoperta™ rapid alloy development methodology
  • Plasma spraying technology and full-scale tailored coating systems and solutions for applying high performance coatings for SOFC applications

Our extensive process, material, and application knowledge allows us to find the optimum solution for your needs — through standard materials and processes, unique solution development in our Coating Solution Centers, or joint R&D collaboration.