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Transition Liners

The transition liner in an Industrial Gas Turbine (IGT) transfers the hot gases from the combustor to the first row of stationary airfoils. To improve the performance of these essential components that are exposed to ever higher temperatures, Oerlikon Metco provides efficient coating systems that not only withstand these temperatures, but also provide reduced thermal conductivity, better phase stability and uniform coating microstructures.

Legacy Developments for Faster Processing Time

Transition liners experience greater performance through MCrAlY bond coats, typically applied by air plasma spray or HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) processes. Ceramic topcoats are applied via the air plasma spray process.

We at Oerlikon Metco, being a one-stop shop, work with you to optimize transition liner coating performance and processing cost. This guarantees coating solutions, tailored to your specific applications, as our experts identify the ideal material particle size, detail spray parameters and determe the optimal spray gun technology for your need.

Thus, our legacy Thermal Barrier Coatings and OEM specified materials allow

  • Faster processing time, thereby reducing labor and utility costs
  • Reduced part turn time and increased thermal spray cell production throughput
  • Improved coating consistency reducing the chance for rework
  • Improved part-to-part consistency improving mission reliability

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