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Thermal insulation prevents or reduces the transfer of thermal energy from one area to another. Insulation can be used to prevent components from becoming too cold or too hot. The heat can be transferred via convection, conduction, radiation or a combination of heat transfer processes.


TBCs (thermal barrier coatings) are used extensively in the combustion and hot sections of both land-based and aero gas turbine engines. These coatings are often stabilized zirconium oxides applied over a bond coat that is resistant to high temperature corrosion. The TBC not only protects expensive turbine components from the ravages of high heat, they also aid in overall engine efficiency. Oerlikon Metco is working with engine manufacturers to develop coatings that meet the requirements of the engines of today and will meet higher service temperatures in engines of tomorrow.  

Chill plates can also be coated with thermal barrier coatings; however, in this application, it is to help keep the chill plate cold, which aids in the solidification of ingots in the metal processing industry. 

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