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Oerlikon Metco decreases repair times with precision-controlled solutions for Oil and Gas components

Houston, TX — July 25, 2019 — Oerlikon Metco’s ISO certified Houston coating service facility quickly restores complex parts using best-in-class materials and surfacing technology.

Oerlikon Metco decreases repair times with precision-controlled solutions for Oil and Gas components

Proper material selection and the Houston staff’s ability to develop and execute precision laser cladding deposit technology results in surfaces with improved resistance to wear and abrasion for downhole applications, thereby increasing part longevity and lowering life-cycle costs. One customer states, “Typically, this part requires replacement at 1,000 to 1,100 hours of service, but the laser clad part is now at 1,235 hours.” The customer anticipates another 500 hours of service resulting in a downhole life increase of approximately 60 percent.

Compared to conventional build-up welding processes such as PTA, MIG and TIG, laser cladding has significantly lower, more localized heat input, low dilution of the workpiece substrate and reduces the potential for distortion. Thus, it offers advantages in terms of the materials that can be deposited and the workpiece geometries that can be processed. Even materials that are difficult to weld, such as high-temperature nickel-based alloys and high-carbon steels, are more easily welded using laser cladding.

In addition, the typically small melt pool formed during laser cladding gives rise to the ability to process very complex geometries within a single setup to deposit protective surfaces and restorative buildups.

“Our laser cladding solutions have a quicker turnaround time and cost less than PTA applications”, states Jason Aldis, manager of the Houston facility. These coating solutions protect drill collars, stabilizers, and tricone bits from abrasion and slurry erosion using Oerlikon Metco carbide materials.

About Oerlikon Metco
Oerlikon Metco enhances surfaces that bring benefits to customers through a uniquely broad range of surface technologies, equipment, materials, services, specialized machining services, and components. Surface technologies such as Thermal Spray and Laser Cladding improve the performance, efficiency and reliability of customer parts and systems. Oerlikon Metco serves industries such as aviation, power generation, automotive, oil & gas and other specialized markets via a dynamically growing network of more than 40 sites in EMEA, Americas, and Asia Pacific. Oerlikon Metco, together with Oerlikon Balzers, and Oerlikon AM belong to the Surface Solutions Segment of the Switzerland-based Oerlikon Group (SIX: OERL).

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