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Cylinders and Piston Rings

Combustion engines are the technical heart of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and motorsports cars. But they are also to be found in ships, stationary power plants and aero engines, as well as in leisure vehicles such as snowmobiles, and even in lawn mowers and chainsaws.

Boost Performance and Reduce Emissions

Meeting increasingly stringent emission regulations is on the top of the challenge list for all manufacturers. How can you reduce friction, wear, corrosion, and weight to minimize oil and fuel consumption while increasing engine performance?

Oerlikon Metco’s SUMEBore™ is a powder-based thermal spray cylinder bore coating solution designed to meet these challenges:

  • Improve fuel economy with low friction coatings and lighter engines;
  • Increase corrosion and wear resistance; 
  • Reduce oil consumption by up to 82%

The SUMEBore  plasma coating solution package can be tailored to your application requirements and can be easily integrated into your production process. It is proven in the market for more than 20 years and adopted by leading OEMs such as Volkswagen1 for their new 4-cylinder gasoline engines and Audi2 for the new Audi TT RS. As an example, Porsche3 achieved a ten-fold better wear resistance in their new V8 turbo engine compared to non-coated cylinder surfaces.

The new, next generation RotaPlasma™ HS1, a unique high-speed rotating plasma gun manipulator, was especially designed for high volume, mass production applications and allows up to 4 times faster processing time.

The finished honed coated cylinder bore surface is in direct contact with the piston rings and their surface. Hence, the correct material combination is key for low friction and wear, and increased performance of the engine. Thermal spray processes from Oerlikon Metco are the perfect coating solution for piston rings, especially used in marine engines and construction machinery where piston rings may have diameters of 300 to 900 mm (12 to 36 in). Thermal spray technology allows for faster coating and therefore higher productivity for these ring sizes.

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