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To support your thermal spray and braze activities, we offer auxiliary supplies that include grits for surface preparation, maskants to prevent grit blasting and coating in undesired areas, post-coat sealer materials to help coatings last longer and prevent corrodents from penetrating the coating, and braze binders for braze placement.

Auxiliary Supplies for Thermal Spray and Braze

Thermal Spray Supplies

Metcolite™ High Quality Blasting Media (Grits)
  • Offered in several standard grain sizes
  • Designed to ensure a clean and consistent surface profile
  • Sharp-edged and hard
  • Lasts for many blast cycles
Masking Options to Prevent Unwanted Coating in Specific Areas
  • Masking tapes
    • Designed to withstand the rigors of the thermal spray process
    • Removes cleanly after coating
    • For High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) applications, we offer HP Flame Spray Masking Tape
  • Liquid masking compounds
    • Designed for masking more complex geometries
    • Several different liquid masking products are available to suit differing production requirements
    • Easily applied
    • Washes or peels off without leaving a residue
Metcoseal™ Portfolio of Sealers
  • Seals the inherent porosity of thermal spray coatings and enhance corrosion resistance
  • Product choices designed for various applications and service conditions
  • Simple to apply, requiring only an air dry or a low-temperature cure in an air oven
  • Low Volatile Organic compound (VOC) and VOC-free sealers available

Braze Supplies

Braze Binders for Accurate Filler Metal Placement
  • For high temperature brazing applications
  • Can be used in vacuum or controlled atmosphere brazing furnaces
  • Available in various viscosities and drying times to suit your requirements
  • Designed to be applied using commercially available spraying equipment
  • Bonds well to the substrate material
  • Readily volatizes without contaminating residue


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