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Conductive Fillers for Enhanced Electrical Conductivity

Whether in everyday life or in high-tech environments, electrical and electronic devices simplify our lives. Without these literally billions of microprocessor-controlled devices, high-frequency circuits and low-power transmitters, neither cars nor airplanes, neither workshops nor hospitals, neither modern industrial plants nor offices are thinkable - not even a normal household.

In order to make these microprocessor-controlled devices thinkable, conductive fillers are needed. Conductive fillers are materials that are added to other substances to improve their electrical conductivity. These fillers are usually conductive particles, such as metals or carbon, that are mixed into polymers, adhesives, coatings, or other materials to make them electrically conductive.

Conductive fillers can be used in a variety of applications, including electronics, automotive, aerospace, and medical industries, where electrical conductivity is required. They can improve the performance of the material by enhancing its electrical conductivity, reducing its electrical resistance, and improving its thermal conductivity.

Safety and Reliability for the Devices of Today and Tomorrow

A growing number of manufacturers are facing a challenge as these devices also poses a problem: the devices in a system have to be able to function without error in their intended electromagnetic environment. In other words: they have to ensure their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Studies show that EMC problems result in fatal accidents and billions of dollars in lost revenue annually. Consequently, legislation and regulations increase with the proliferation of electronic equipment and devices, with severe penalties for violations.

Oerlikon Metco’s E-Fill™ conductive filler solutions — a variety of composite powders such as nickel graphite, high purity nickel or gold clad composites — excel in electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) shielding applications and significantly reduce costs in electronic device applications.

Our customers include leading global EMI shielding material manufacturers, leading aerospace firms, and emerging technology firms. We offer rapid prototyping from concept to large tonnage production, and our flexible coating processes and controls enable a variety of cores that can be joined.

Industries / Markets Served

Our conductive filler materials are produced as powders with a hydrometallurgy method — a controlled aqueous process that uses temperature and pressure in a hydrogen atmosphere to add successive layers or "densifications" of nickel on top of the core material until the desired product is complete. These homogeneously-coated metallic and non-metallic core materials exhibit low resistance electrical contact with superior corrosion and heat resistance:

  • Abradable powders for thermal spray coatings in aero and industrial gas turbine engines
  • Carbide powders for boiler pipes wear/corrosion resistance
  • Electronic materials for EMI shielding and conductivity applications in mobile phones and other devices
  • Specialty nickel powders for electronic and automotive applications
  • Powders used as joining fluxes and in/for flux cored wires

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