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Solutions for the Pulp, Paper, Printing, and Converting Market

The pulp, paper, printing & converting industry is a highly competitive business where quality matters. Therefore, not just corrosion and abrasive wear are typical reasons to apply a protective coating to equipment and machinery: other surface properties, like wetting behavior, antifouling and controlled release often matter most, since the coating acts as a functional surface to ensure a high-quality end product with specific characteristics.

From Pulp to Print

Oerlikon Metco’s unique solutions achieve smooth and highly wear-resistant coatings that meet and even exceed our customers’ lifetime and performance expectations, while allowing low total application costs.

At Oerlikon Metco, we understand the challenges of the industry and provide our knowledge to your benefit. We offer a range of advanced system and material solutions for the pulp, paper, printing, and converting industry. To name a few:

Pulp Production:

  • Debarkers
  • Chippers
  • Digesters
  • Screws
  • Screens
  • Rotors
  • Recovery boilers
  • …. and more

Paper Production:

  • Roll coatings for fabric guiding, pressing, drying, calendering, spreading, reeling, winding and more
  • Consumables and wear parts, such as doctor blades, coater blades and sizer rods

Tissue Production

  • Yankee dryer coatings
  • Creping blades
  • … and more


  • Corrugating rolls
  • Embossing rolls
  • Cutting


  • Anilox rolls
  • Doctor blades
  • Printing cylinders
Stay Ahead of the Competition

For trailblazers, Oerlikon Metco offers efficient and productive R&D collaboration. Our distinctive combination of application, equipment and materials know-how, combined with new ways to develop materials — such as rapid alloy development (RAD) — allow our customers to stay ahead of their competition:

  • Jointly developed, customer-specific and proprietary solutions
  • Solutions tailored for maximum performance, while keeping production costs low
  • Solutions for improved health and safety of the staff and the environment

Together with Oerlikon Metco you can build your offering to the pulp, paper, printing and converting market with the industry leaders in materials and coating processes