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Stressed and Hot Parts in Industrial Gas Turbines

For the materials in the critical sections of Industrial Gas Turbines (IGTs), the demand for ever higher efficiency means that they have to withstand the most extreme conditions, while IGT operators need to keep their maintenance costs as low as possible. From individual developments to cost-effective thermal spray technology, Oerlikon Metco provides solutions for all sections of the IGT.

Sustainably Protecting IGT Components

The higher the temperature an Industrial Gas Turbine operates, the better the thermal efficiency of the engine and the better the fuel efficiency. As a one-stop shop, we offer thermal spray solutions for many critical sections of the IGT engine, such as the compressor, combustor and the HP/LP turbine sections. Key applications include Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC), clearance control solutions, prevention of oxidation and hot corrosion, anti-fretting and a variety of wear prevention applications.

For example, air or vacuum plasma sprayed MCrAlY bond coats and 7 to 8 wt.% YSZ (Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia) topcoats from Oerlikon Metco protect critical turbine parts from excessive heat and allow operational temperatures that would otherwise not be possible.

Beyond traditional YSZ thermal barrier materials, Oerlikon Metco is developing new TBC materials and application methods that will allow IGT engines to operate at even higher temperatures. These include materials with new rare earth ceramic compositions as well as thermal spray application technologies that produce more compliant and robust microstructures.

Within a gas turbine, one of the major areas for fretting wear is the pressure faces of the blade roots and disc slots. The larger the gas turbine, the higher the generated inertial forces and stresses. Here, too, Oerlikon Metco coating solutions have been developed to mitigate these stresses and prevent fretting wear of these components.

To improve efficiency, the clearance between the rotating blade tips and the stationary shrouds is essential, with smaller clearances ensuring engine efficiency and hence, reduced fuel consumption. Oerlikon Metco pioneered thermal spray clearance control solutions that both improve efficiency and offer needed safety margins. Today, we offer solutions throughout gas turbine engines that are tailored for specific operating conditions. 

Oerlikon Metco has a long history of success with legacy IGT products. Our thermal spray solutions reduce cost per component, shorten product validation time, and are sustainable. Our team of material scientists, engineers and application specialists conducts research and also works closely with OEMs to continually improve and advance technology and thermal spray processes through materials. We work very closely with our customers in all phases of development. Our highly flexible range of material manufacturing technologies in combination with our expertise in a range of coating processes allows us to optimize solutions for our customers in terms of both cost and coating results.

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