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Highest Performance Valve Solutions

Valves are omnipresent in the oil & gas industry — in all sizes and for a huge variety of applications, such as pipelines, refineries, and directly at the drill-site, both above ground and subsea. The conditions to which they are exposed are correspondingly challenging. Nevertheless, they must perform reliably, since damage can be potentially fatal.

Made for Corrosive, Abrasive and HTHP Environments

Ball and gate valves are in place to control the flow of various gases and fluid media. Most of these are of highly corrosive and/or abrasive nature and may range from simple saltwater to highly aggressive substances that are used fracturing, or by the oil industry to flush the lines. Even more, they often must reliably work even in high temperature/high pressure (HTHP) environments such as subsea.

Higher Productivity and Less Powder Waste

Higher Productivity and Less Powder Waste

Oerlikon Metco’s corrosion resistant thermal spray coatings help keep ball and gate valves in good condition as long as possible. Our HVOF (High-Velocity Oxy Fuel) materials and coating services are especially designed for the oil & gas market. Different than most other materials on the market, the coatings are not porous, but very dense and therefore the ideal solution for highly corrosive environments. Thus, they decrease time-consuming repair cycles by a factor of 3, and what’s even more, the coatings can be removed and replaced very efficiently.

For example, Oerlikon Metco’s UniCoat Pro™ mass flow controlled system platform in combination with our spray gun technology delivers repeatable coating thickness, resulting in faster finishing time and less powder consumption. Our spray powders for valve applications are tailored to the spray gun so that the powder waste is minimized, and optimized spray parameters and higher deposition rates result in perfect coating density. As an additional advantage, the ideal combination of powder and spray gun results in less maintenance, fewer interruptions and lower overall costs.

Case Study:

Tests at a European ball valves user proved that ball valves (diameter 1000 mm [39 in]) that were sprayed with Oerlikon Metco HVOF materials had a 5 times longer service life compared to unsprayed ball valves.

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