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OEMs in the aerospace market operate in the context of an ever-increasing global demand for more cost-effective processes, safe components and the need to make aircraft engines more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Oerlikon Metco's solutions make it possible to achieve this balancing act.

Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Maximum Protection for Maximum Performance

Our material, coating and equipment solutions for jet engines and components maximize operational turbine efficiency by controlling clearances, reducing thermal exposure effects, and controlling wear and corrosion. They protect a wide range of operational-critical parts, including clearance control systems, air seal components, compressor blades and vanes, and prevent problems caused by fretting, abrasion, particle erosion and other surface mechanisms.

Oerlikon Metco’s Coating Solutions Make Flight Gas Turbines More Effective Through
  • Enabling lighter turbine seal designs
  • Closer internal tolerances and higher overall pressure ratios that improve engine efficiencies
  • Resilience to higher operating temperatures resulting in class-leading gains in operating efficiency
  • Protection against impact, fretting, sliding wear and corrosion
  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduced CO2, NOx and CH4 emissions
  • Prolonged service life of components for longer maintenance intervals
  • Reduced engine downtime, better performance standards and increased time between overhauls
We Offer You Solutions for a Variety of Engine and Aircraft Parts
  • Fan blades
  • Compressor blades, vanes and seals
  • Turbine blades and seals
  • Combustion chambers and transition ducts
  • Afterburner systems
  • Rotor path linings
  • Engine pylons and mounting parts
  • Landing gears
  • Hydraulic systems and fuel pumps
  • Actuators
  • Airframe parts

Rely on Oerlikon Metco’s expertise

Rely on Oerlikon Metco’s expertise

Whatever your needs are: We provide significant added value with vital expertise in advanced materials and process technologies. We create new materials and coatings to improve performance across the aerospace industry.

There is a reason why all next-generation aircraft engines rely on Oerlikon Metco: We provide the complete solution package to our customers. Either you opt for the material and thermal spray systems customized for your in-house needs or rely on our coating services. We also offer coating solution services, whether to develop a new coating for your shop or optimize an existing coating for more efficient and reliable processing.

Oerlikon Metco’s material technologists provide expertise on specific requirements, and select the perfect coating solution depending on several factors, including the service conditions that the coating needs to withstand, the required time between overhaul, cost of application, and ease of application. Rest assured that Oerlikon Metco has more OEM approvals for gas turbine coating materials than any other supplier.

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