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Erosion is caused by solid or liquid particles striking the surface of a component. The severity of wear strongly depends upon the velocity and hardness of the particles, as well as the angle of impact. It is crucial to consider all these conditions when designing a surface solution.

For high-angle attack, select a thick ductile coating applied by welding or thermal spray will mitigate erosion. For low-angle attack very hard coatings are preferred.


The blades of flue gas exhaust fans are subject to severe solid particle erosion due to the fly ash in the atmosphere. Coatings applied by Oerlikon Metco effectively protect these blades against solid particle erosion at elevated temperatures. 

Various components in some pumps are subject to erosive wear from particulate entrained in fast-moving liquid flows. Oerlikon Metco can design surface solutions that protect these pump parts from erosion and are tailored to the operating environment, often combating corrosion effects, as well.

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