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Anticorrosion for Wind Turbines

Wind turbine components face a variety of environmental conditions: in offshore wind parks, corrosion due to saltwater spray reduces component life and structural integrity; in the power section, high and variable loads pose challenges to the lifetime of shafts and bearing surfaces. Protection of the structures and providing predictable service life and maintenance intervals are essential for the operation and long lifespan of wind turbine installations.

Stronger Than the Wind

Oerlikon Metco’s complete equipment and material thermal spray solutions are a cost-efficient way to protect the components in wind turbines and enhance their productivity:

  • Corrosion protection coatings based on combustion or electric arc wire spray, to protect structural components exposed to saltwater conditions
  • Low friction coatings based on combustion wire spray technology for bearings
Solutions for a Clean and Ruture Proof Energy Source

Wind power is one of the most environmentally-friendly energy production technologies. Steadily increasing demand for this clean energy also constantly shifts the limits of the technology. As wind turbines grow in size, the associated forces they must bear become more extreme. Oerlikon Metco can help you to find solutions for increasing reliability and prolonging service intervals.

Our extensive process, material, and application knowledge allows us to find the optimum solution for your needs — through standard materials and processes, unique solution development in our Coating Solution Centers, or joint R&D collaboration. We also offer pilot or production coating services through our Metco Coating Services network of coating shops.