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Oerlikon Metco Friction System’s continuous process optimization and technology innovation leads to two supplier awards.

Shanghai, China, March 11, 2020 – In December 2019, Friction Systems, leading company of Carbon friction components used for passenger, commercial, heavy and medium duty, agricultural and off-road vehicle transmissions, was awarded two honors for supplier performance.

Oerlikon Metco Friction System’s continuous process optimization and technology innovation leads to two supplier awards.

GETRAG (Jiangxi) Transmission Co., Ltd. (GJT) who has suppliers worldwide, presented its VA/VE Achievement Award to Oerlikon Friction Systems Plant in Shanghai at its supplier conference on December 11, 2019. Oerlikon started cooperation with GJT in 2012, offering synchronizer solutions for GJT and has won this award for the third time since 2013. This achievement demonstrates the consist excellent levels of cost control and is the result of process optimization and technology innovation. “We are very proud to get this award, because it shows our ambition towards continuous improvements for operational and cost efficiencies by using the newest technology development in Friction Systems. Especially our latest innovation, S³, which is supported by GJT due to trustful relationship,” states Torsten Koch, Head of Sales, Oerlikon Friction Systems. A second award was presented to Oerlikon Friction Systems plant in Chengdu on December 18, 2019 by Dongfeng GETRAG Transmission Co., Ltd. (DGT). Oerlikon Metco was chosen to receive the “Excellent Supplier” award, which is based on the comprehensive capability of suppliers’ qualification, supply volume, product quality and delivery efficiency. It is the first time for Oerlikon to receive this award since the joint-venture was formed in 2012 to develop a third-generation dual-clutch transmission (DCT) with a new compact gear design. “We are honored to be recognized by DGT for delivering unmatched customer satisfaction with zero failures and 100% on time deliveries. This is the basis for further business opportunities and due to superior supply performance,” continues Mr. Koch.

About Friction Systems

Friction Systems, as part of the Oerlikon Group, is a global technology partner for innovative transmission synchronizers and sets the standard in the development and manufacture of high-performance Carbon friction materials and transmission components.

We offer the ideal solution for all applications in passenger and commercial vehicle transmissions with manual and dual-clutch gearboxes as well as for pioneering hybrid applications. Modern transmission synchronizers consist of precision-formed steel synchronizer rings with Carbon friction material which meet the highest requirements for quick and smooth gear changes. In particular, the 2-layer EF 8000 and EF 5010 Carbon friction material are market leaders in this industry.

Friction Systems’ latest research and development has resulted in two innovative and patented all-in-one solutions. The Segmented Synchronizer System, S³, replaces conventional multi-cone synchronizers and delivers higher efficiency and reduced weight and costs.

ESync is an optimized, compact synchronization system which requires significantly less space and weighs much less than conventional systems, making it the ideal solution for modern hybrid transmission systems.

Friction Systems has a presence at the key locations for the automotive industry around the world, offers local manufacturing and designs and develops synchronizers that meet customer requirements for specific applications.

About Oerlikon Metco

In addition to Friction Systems, Oerlikon Metco provides cylinder bore solutions that result in high efficiencies and wear solutions for brake discs. Oerlikon Metco enhances surfaces that bring benefits to customers through a uniquely broad range of surface technologies, equipment, materials, services, specialized machining services, and components. The surface technologies such as Thermal Spray and Laser Cladding improve the performance and increase efficiency and reliability. Oerlikon Metco serves industries such as aviation, power generation, automotive, oil & gas, industrial and other specialized markets and operates a dynamically growing network of more than 50 sites in EMEA, Americas, and Asia Pacific. Oerlikon Metco, together with Oerlikon Balzers, belong to the Surface Solutions Segment of the publicly listed Oerlikon Group with global headquarters in Switzerland.

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