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Abrasion can result in very rapid wear. It is classified into two primary mechanisms:

  • In two-body abrasion, a hard rough surface scratches, cuts or spalls a softer surface.
  • In three-body abrasion, a hard third body damages one or both of the sliding surfaces, usually due to grit or dirt getting in between the sliding interface.

This wear can be minimized by hard coatings strongly adhered to the substrate.


Rotors used to pump mud into the drill string in the oil and gas market are subject to abrasive particles in the mud. Oerlikon Metco’s carbide coatings applied using HVOF effectively resist abrasion resulting in rotors that last up to 10 times longer than those coated with hard chromium plating. The smooth as-sprayed surface finish of the HVOF coating requires only simple polishing, reducing post-coat processing costs on these parts with very complex geometries. 

The blades of Kaplan turbines used in hydroelectric power plants can severely abrade as a result of sand and other fine entrained in the feedwater. Oerlikon Metco’s HVOF spray solutions prevent abrasion on Kaplan blades, allowing them to work efficiently for many, many years without the need to overhaul or replacement. This significantly reduces costs for the power provider in terms of lost productivity for downtime and the cost to maintain the plant. 

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