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Corrugating Rolls

High corrugating roll performance is essential for the efficient operation of the corrugator. Precision-ground, profiled corrugating rolls require very strict tolerances to maintain fluting quality. A higher amount of recycled OCC (old corrugated cardboard) in the corrugating medium increases wear of the rolls. Coating solutions with very high wear resistance combined with smooth as-sprayed surfaces are key to high performance and low total application costs.

Corrugating Rolls

Smoother Fluting, Higher Productivity

Oerlikon Metco offers tailored, high-end HVOF systems and materials suitable for producing smooth and highly wear-resistant coatings on corrugating rolls. These coatings meet and exceed the lifetime and performance requirements of the modern corrugating industry.

With Oerlikon Metco equipment and materials you can achieve:

  • Smooth, as-sprayed coatings that minimize grinding time and material removal
  • High wear resistance needed with recycled fluting (OCC)
  • Well-conforming coatings for accurate and stable flute geometry

Oerlikon Metco can deliver thermal spray coating systems and materials for high end corrugating roll applications. Liquid-fuel HVOF (HVOF-LF) coating systems utilizing our WokaJet™ or WokaStar™ spray guns are best suited for this application. In addition, we offer powder products containing fine carbide that provide high deposition efficiency (DE) and low total application costs. The smooth as-sprayed surfaces that can be achieved minimize or eliminate costly roll grinding and finishing.

Our extensive process, material, and application knowledge allows us to find the optimum solution for your needs — through standard materials and processes or a unique solution development from one of our Coating Solution Centers or through joint R&D collaboration.

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