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A Tough Business: High-Performance Mining Solutions

Oerlikon Metco is the technology leader for high-performance thermal spray solutions for a variety of mining applications. In addition to traditional materials for mining applications, our patented state-of-the-art Scoperta™ computational metallurgy process allows us to develop new materials that meet and exceed performance and cost targets for mining’s most demanding applications.

True Value for Your Mining Operations

As the supply chain starting point for many manufactured goods, sustainable and efficient operations is a very high priority for the mining industry.

Oerlikon Metco partners directly with our mining customers worldwide to understand and solve their toughest wear challenges with innovative thermal spray solutions that:

  • Optimize equipment service life to reduce maintenance and replacement costs
  • Increase operating uptime, maximizing performance and reducing costs
  • Reduce overall weight compared to traditional surface solutions, thereby reducing fuel consumption
  • Maintain equipment efficiency
  • Curtail overall carbon footprint
A Full-Service Provider

Not only do we have the ability to offer superior materials for mining applications, we offer leading thermal spray equipment, of our design, to apply mining-applicable wear materials.

Furthermore, rely on us for spare parts and worldwide maintenance and breakdown services on a global basis.

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