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Drill bits are the principal component in oil & gas exploration. The materials used to manufacture and protect them directly influence the efficiency and reliability of drilling a well. And our recycling programs provide significant benefits for our customers and the environment, without compromising on performance.

The Right Choice for Drilling Environments

Drill bits must resist a complex combination of abrasion, erosion, impact and fatigue. Superior bit life therefore is paramount when planning a drilling campaign and is the best defense against costly and time-consuming drill string trips. Our matrix powder, weld and spray hardfacing solutions provide the ultimate in wear protection and can be adapted for various performance targets.

Individualized Matrix Material Solutions for PDC* Drill Bits

Our materials engineers and scientists are experts when it comes to the materials and infiltration process needed to combat the severe downhole service conditions PDC drill bits encounter. The materials we develop are designed to reduce the probability of potentially catastrophic failure. Over conventional materials, failure events have been reduced by up to 10,000%. A focus on strength and prevention of in-process cracking has supported an increase of 300% in the life of the matrix drill bit.

Our high packing density tungsten carbide materials offer the ultimate protection from erosion and low stress abrasion. For example, Metco 51019A utilizes best-in-class tungsten carbide designed and developed to suit all wear protection needs for hardfacing.

*PDC = polycrystalline diamond compact

Solutions for Steel-based Bits and Tools

Increased substrate wear on a bit or tool can result in premature repair cycles and in worst-case scenarios catastrophic failure. Our experts’ fundamental understanding of wear mechanisms and their advanced materials design knowledge allow them to develop materials that are highly erosion and corrosion resistant, to improve the life of steel-based bits and tools by 300%. Compared to conventional tungsten carbide materials, Oerlikon Metco’s solutions, including diamond-containing hardfacings, improve the life of bits and tools by 300 to 1000%.

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