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Drill Bits

Drill bits are the principal component in oil & gas exploration. The materials used to manufacture and protect them directly influence the efficiency and reliability of drilling a well. And our recycling programs provide significant benefits for our customers and the environment, without compromising on performance.

The Right Choice for Drilling Environments

Drill bits must resist a complex combination of abrasion, erosion, impact and fatigue. Superior bit life therefore is paramount when planning a drilling campaign and is the best defense against costly and time-consuming drill string trips. Our material solutions provide the ultimate in wear protection and can be adapted for various performance targets.

Individualized Matrix Material Solutions for PDC* Drill Bits

Our materials engineers and scientists are experts when it comes to the materials and infiltration process needed to combat the severe downhole service conditions PDC* drill bits encounter. The materials we develop are designed to reduce the probability of potentially catastrophic failure. Over conventional materials, failure events have been reduced by up to 10,000%. A focus on strength and prevention of in-process cracking has supported an increase of 300% in the life of the matrix drill bit.

*PDC = polycrystalline diamond compact