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Semiconductor and Flat Panel Display Fabrication

Advanced spray shops and repair facilities serving the wafer fabrication equipment and flat panel display industries face an increasing number of challenges — such as ever higher performance requirements, increased yield requirements, short development cycles and continuous cost pressure within a highly competitive environment.

Increase Performance and Lower Operating Costs

Simultaneously, on the application technology side, a whole spectrum of challenges must be mastered when it comes to electrostatic chucks, chamber components and process kits (shields & rings), ranging from increased flatness requirements, substrate sizes and corrosion resistance to reducing particle erosion and improved chucking / de-chucking performance.

Oerlikon Metco’s high purity powders, coupled with our high-performance plasma systems demonstrate consistent spray behavior providing the highest coating quality:

  • High electrical insulation and excellent electrical properties for electrostatic chucks
  • Smooth and dense coatings for electrostatic chuck performance
  • Excellent anti-corrosion, particle erosion and plasma resistance for chamber components, resulting higher performance and greater yields
  • Low porosity, smooth coatings that promote improved plasma etch and erosion resistance resulting in reduced downtime for the customer

Our unique, comprehensive offering — powder, plasma spray guns coupled with superior process expertise and development support — is unmatched in the industry and allows customers to decrease operating costs, increase part life, increase production and productivity yields, thereby, resulting in lower overall cost of ownership.

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