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The history of mankind has been categorized by improvements in materials technology — from the Bronze Age to present day and will remain true into the future. Oerlikon Metco utilizes modern computational technology in a revolutionary way to usher in a new age of materials.

Rapid Alloy Development

The Benefits of Computationally Designed Alloys

Today we possess the most advanced software and experimental approaches for developing new materials and alloys to continuously push the science of alloy development forward. Oerlikon Metco's unique and patented Scoperta™ computational alloy development process is a powerful analytical tool that we use to quickly create revolutionary, optimized alloy products for our customers.  

Our Scoperta process allows us to develop real material solutions for industrial applications. We use powerful 'big data' analytical software to design new materials and we are experts in translating this science into products that benefit our customers with unique advantages: 

  • Rapid alloy development: These tools allow us to develop new solutions in a matter of months instead of years. This means we can create and commercialize products much faster, thereby providing our customers the materials they need for their applications far faster than conventional empirical material development methods.
  • Revolutionary material compositions: Our ground-breaking approach allows us to create materials with unique service characteristics that solve application issues that a conventional alloy development process cannot. As such, we can provide answers to surface challenges that were only dreamed of previously.
  • Specially designed for surface technology: While a bulk alloy may have exactly the right wear, corrosion or other characteristics desired, these bulk properties usually do not translate completely when the same alloy composition is used as a surface solution. By using our Scoperta process, we can develop new or modified compositions that do not disappoint.

Examples of these new materials developments are Metco 8224 and Metco 1030A — new iron-based alloys that have performance metrics similar to tungsten carbide materials. These alloys precipitate fine scale carbides during the welding process to create a super abrasion-resistant microstructure with significant impact resistance. Metco 8250 and Metco 1040A are austenitic manganese steels that, as welded, have a hardness of HRC 45 to 50 — significantly higher than conventional manganese steel materials. In service, these alloys will work harden to HRC 63. These materials have gained significant traction in the mining and agriculture markets for ground engaging tools (GETs), crushing applications, wear plates and cutting tools. 
When we combine this unique capability with our decades of surface processing expertise and our exceptional flexibility for alloy manufacturing, it is clear that Oerlikon Metco is a 'Materials Powerhouse' designed for the benefit of our customers. 

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