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As the world leader in thermal spray technology, we can solve even your most complex surface application challenges using our application equipment.

Thermal Spray Equipment Designed for You
Flexible Choices
  • Whatever your needs, Oerlikon Metco can deliver:
  • Basic systems for occasional use to advanced systems for serial production
  • Handling for small parts to very large parts
  • Complete range of thermal spray technologies including:
    • Atmospheric Plasma Spray
    • Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Spray
    • Liquid Fuel or Gas Fuel High Velocity Oxy Fuel Spray
    • Electric Arc Wire Spray
    • Combustion Powder Spray
    • Combustion Wire Spray

With our advanced platforms, we can offer systems that utilize multiple thermal spray processes within one cabin, thereby optimizing your production floor space and your investment.

Already have one of our systems but it needs modification because your production requirements have changed? We can work with you there, too. Whether it requires a new spray gun, powder feeder or a more extensive modification of handling systems, our team is there to help.

Let our experts work with you on the thermal spray system that is best for your production and application requirements.

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