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ChamPro™ - Controlled Atmosphere Plasma
World’s Leader in Controlled Atmosphere Plasma Systems

Our controlled atmosphere plasma spray systems have won high acclaim for their functional design and performance. A wealth of knowledge is essential to meet the respective performance requirements for a diverse range of users. Our VPS, LVPS™ and LPPS™-hybrid designs are based on the extensive experience amassed over the years and test results obtained from equipment in the field.

Structural calculations and other requirements are based on data obtained from practical operating experience. This results in a unit which will stand up to long years of use. Pumps, filters, valves, seals and all other system components have proven service records. That is why Oerlikon Metco’s systems have won a reputation for dependability and reliability.

These systems operate in a controlled atmosphere, producing coatings that are dense, oxide-free, and very pure. Because of these properties, applications include land-based and in-flight turbine components and medical implants using metallic, ceramic, and cermet materials.

Our portfolio of controlled atmosphere plasma spray systems is comprised of:

  • Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS)
  • Low Vacuum (LVPS) / Low Pressure (LPPS) Plasma Spray
  • Low Pressure Plasma Spray-Hybrid (LPPS-hybrid)

Different handling configurations available, to meet your requirements

Comparison of our controlled atmosphere systems VPS


LPPS- Hybrid

Controllable by MultiCoat system platform
Batch workpiece processing with single workpiece indexer for 1, 2, 3, 12 or 24 parts, extendable with multiple part holders of 72 or 144 parts    
Continuous workpiece processing: Coat small or large parts at high production rates  
Preheating and cleaning in transfer chamber, coating in main chamber  
Substrate cleaning using reversed transferred arc
Oxidation and hot corrosion protection of aircraft and land-based gas turbine vanes and blades
Oxygen-free spray environment for coating medical implants and biomedical tools    
Columnar Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBC) at high deposition rates    
Electrolyte and diffusion barrier layers onto solid oxide fuel cell interconnectors    
Coating of blind areas via vapor phase in the coating chamber    
Alumina coating for wear and electrical resistance    

The presence of oxygen can undesirably affect coating characteristics. Spraying materials in a controlled atmosphere ensures coatings are very pure, dense, and oxide-free. Prior to coating, components are preheated and cleaned to reduce coating stress and ensure a clean, oxide-free substrate. Many types of surface protection can be achieved with controlled atmosphere plasma spray, such as:

  • Oxidation resistance
  • Hot corrosion resistance
  • Chemical attack resistance
  • Erosion resistance
  • Wear resistance
  • Electrical resistance
  • Rough, porous surface for osseointegration

The coating is produced by injecting powder of the same material composition as the desired coating into the plasma stream. In the plasma stream, the powdered particles become molten and obtain a velocity due to collisions with the super-heated atoms of the plasma jet. The particles are propelled to the substrate where they flatten, bond and solidify to produce the coating.

As the plasma stream is electrically conductive, a secondary or also called transfer arc can be generated from the gun to the substrate if the substrate is electrically conductive. This requires a separate transfer arc power supply.

  • The polarity of the transfer arc can also be reversed. If the substrate is positive, the energy of the arc is concentrated on the substrate. This allows rapid preheating of substrates and control of process temperatures for large parts.
  • If the substrate is negative, the energy of the arc sputter cleans the substrate creating a metallurgically clean surface. This unique and important phenomenon is covered by Oerlikon Metco's U. S. Patent 4328257 and additional foreign patents.

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