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Functional surface coatings for industrial applications

The term surface coating covers various processes in which a layer of a material is applied to the surface of a substrate in order to achieve certain functional or aesthetic properties.

These coatings can serve various purposes, e.g.

The type of surface coating depends on the requirements of the application as well as the properties of the substrate and the coating material. There are various techniques and materials for surface coatings, including paints, powder coatings, coatings based on polymers, metals or ceramics, galvanic processes such as zinc plating or anodizing, soldering, welding, thermal spraying as well as chemical and physical vapor deposition.

In the area of surface coatings, Oerlikon has focused on the development and application of PVD coatings and thermal spraying. Both technologies promote sustainability by extending product life, reducing material consumption and improving energy efficiency. This enables Oerlikon to offer innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions that meet your specific needs.

Graphic showing the thicknesses of a surface heat treatment (nitriding) and different surface coatings

Your advantages with surface coatings from Oerlikon

  • Innovative thin and thick film technologies with more than 20 coating functions, you benefit from a broad portfolio.

  • Suitable for use in numerous end markets and applications, always with the aim of improving your production and end products.

  • Extending the service life and increasing the performance of tools and components, reducing production downtime and saving costs.

  • Improve your company's sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint by avoiding waste and hazardous by-products.

  • Refining the surface through post-processing such as grinding, lapping, polishing, brushing, superfinishing or sealing the coating.

  • Production of functional surfaces, e.g. ceramic layers for thermal and electrical insulation.

What properties should be achieved with the coating?

Do you want to reduce friction or achieve thermal insulation? Or would you like to give your surfaces a unique and durable appearance? In our product finder, you can choose from a wide range of applications and industries and narrow down the possible solutions.

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What material should the coating be applied to?

The substrate to which the surface coating is to be applied plays an important role. Our experts will be happy to advise you on selecting the right technology for your application.

Does the coating have to take place on site or can it take place elsewhere?

The size of the parts to be coated and the space available on site will help you to make the right choice. At Oerlikon Balzers, both the smallest precision tools and large components can be coated in consistent quality at a customer center near you. Oerlikon Metco offers you the option of carrying out repairs with manual spraying systems directly at the machine site or integrating fully automated processes into your production.

Do you want to coat yourself or use the coating as a service?

Oerlikon focuses on customer proximity and is always close to you with a dense network of subsidiaries. This enables us to guarantee short response and delivery times. You can entrust us with your tools and components with peace of mind and receive them back on time and in the expected quality. Do you want to keep the entire value chain in your hands? With our coating systems and equipment, you can integrate high-quality coatings directly into your production process.

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