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Oerlikon Metco’s Feeder Portfolio

Feeders supply the coating material, in either powder or wire form, to the thermal spray gun. Our feeders vary according to thermal spray process, scale and scope of your production run, and coating material. They also feature various economical, efficiency, environmental, and safety enhancements.


The powder is conveyed from the powder hopper into the groove of the powder disc. The spreader deposits the powder precisely in a defined height across the entire width of the groove. The powder is sucked out of the powder disc groove by the suction part. The powder is carried through the holder for suction part into an antistatic hose towards the spray gun. The powder hopper is gas tight and has a slight overpressure. The gas exits the powder hopper together with the powder through the suction part into the powder hose.

Gravimetric closed-loop feed rate control

Feed rate is determined by a microprocessor-controlled weight-loss device that uses a load cell to continuously weigh the contents of the hopper. The feed rate is a function of the rate of hopper weight-loss averaged over time. The load cell is a precision weighing instrument that generates electrical signals proportional to the weight of powder in the hopper. These signals are processed by a central processing unit (CPU) to determine the rate of change over time.

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