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Surface One™

As the world's first coating machine, Oerlikon Metco's Surface One™ brings a fresh approach to thermal spray application technology.

  • Choose up to three of these spray processes in one coating machine.
    • Atmospheric plasma spray (single and triple cathode guns)
    • HVOF gas fuel spray
    • HVOF liquid fuel spray
    • Combustion powder spray
  • Designed for batch production
  • Wide choice of gun and part handling
  • Up to four, single-hopper powder feeders with rotary disk design that can be operated independently or simultaneously
  • Compact footprint uses less of your valuable shop floor space
  • Faster installation and commissioning compared to other advanced thermal spray systems, thereby reducing shop floor disruption
  • Readily relocates in weeks instead of months, if needed
  • Exceptional safety features protect personnel and equipment
  • A cleaner, safer operating environment as a result of a more efficient air flow design
  • Cabin door configuration that allows for highly efficient part loading and unloading from the front or from overhead
  • Our new Clarity™ user interface that significantly improves productivity and efficiency
  • Reconfigurable, should your needs change
  • Gun manipulation by medium or large sized ABB or FANUC robots
  • Process diagnostic equipment

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