Twin/Single-120A Series Combustion Powder Feeders

The Twin/Single series combustion powder feeders are designed for automated combustion powder thermal spray systems. With these feeders, we supply one or two rotating disk powder hoppers.

Key characteristics

  • Quickly achieves and stabilizes powder feed rates
  • Volumetric powder delivery stays accurate even during long spray runs
  • Mass-flow controlled carrier gas for stable gas flow
  • Feeds all thermal spray powders
  • Powder hoppers are available at capacities of:
    • 1.1 L (61 in3)
    • 1.5 L (91.5 in3)
    • 5.0 L (305.1 in3)


Carrier gas

Argon or Nitrogen

Weight without hoppers

105 kg (231.5 lb)

Controller compatibility

MultiCoat , UniCoat

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