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New Thermal Spray System Platform Combines Ease of Use with Improved Process Reliability

Winterthur, Switzerland — May 12, 2016 — Oerlikon Metco’s new UniCoatPro thermal spray system platform provides users with greater quality control and coating consistency for their thermal spray applications.

UniCoatPro incorporates many features that were previously only available on the company’s more advanced and costly platforms. The controller incorporates a touchscreen, graphical interface that is intuitive to use and easy to learn. Spray parameter recipes are easily created, stored and recalled with a few touches on the graphical interface. A highly sophisticated trending and reporting package benefits quality and process control.

“Customers will clearly benefit from the trending and reporting since it enables them to trace and track all relevant data related to the spray job,” states Jochen Tewes, Oerlikon Metco Product Line Manager, Equipment. “Even more, it allows documenting of each coating job for their customers in a consistent manner.”

In addition, the latest safety features are incorporated, including a multi-level alarm package that notifies the operator of out-of-bound conditions and will shut down the system safely in critical situations. Closed loop process control ensures coating reliability. Remote assistance can be securely initiated by the user over the Internet or via 3G communications to Oerlikon Metco, where a technician can analyze the customer’s system in real time.

The floor space requirements for the new UniCoatPro system platform is reduced compared to previous Oerlikon Metco system platforms with similar features and is attractively priced. UniCoatPro is available for either the atmospheric plasma spray process or the liquid-fuel HVOF spray process. For the many thermal spray facilities that use both of these processes, their learning curve will be greatly reduced and process standardization will be enhanced.

Furthermore, the plasma version of the UniCoatPro is factory equipped to operate the Oerlikon Metco’s SinplexPro cascading arc spray gun. As such, customers can enjoy improved processing efficiency. Popular legacy plasma spray guns can also be used. The liquid-fuel HVOF version uses the company’s popular WokaJet or high-efficiency WokaStar spray guns.

UniCoatPro systems can operate with up to four powder hoppers (feed lines) giving users the ability to immediately spray a top coat after a bond coat, as well as maintain their most used materials in the additional powder hoppers. The system platform is also fully equipped for use with an external controller, such as a robotic interface that can completely control the UniCoatPro’s actions. And while the UnitCoatPro Platform has been available in Europe and the Americas since last year, it made its debut in China at the International Thermal Spray Conference on May 10, 2016.

Oerlikon Metco’s new UniCoatPro system platform is packed with advanced features in a compact package.

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