3MBTD Plasma Spray Gun

3MBTD Plasma Spray Gun

The Metco 3MBTD is a heavy-duty, air-cooled plasma spray extension gun used in diverse industrial applications.

Key characteristics

  • Applies Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) ceramics and associated bond coats
  • Inexpensive operation using low-cost nitrogen as the plasma spray gas
  • Uses many of the same spare parts as 3MB series guns
  • Use standard 3MB series plasma spray parameters for many applications

Extension models


Shaft length


508 mm (20 in)


775 mm (30.5 in)


Maximum power

40 kW

Process gasses

Argon, Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen


4.7 kg (10.3 lb)

Controller compatibility

MultiCoat, UniCoat, 9MC, 9MCE

Minimum bore diameter

100 mm (4 in)

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