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Balzers, Liechtenstein, 16 August 2018 - Recently, Oerlikon Balzers, a leading provider of surface solutions, signed a sales agreement with Shanghai Dafangwuyu Automobile Company (DFWY) for an INUBIA I6, a fully integrated and automated coating system.

Oerlikon Balzers sold first ePD coating system INUBIA in China

Jochen M. Weyandt, Head of Business Unit Automotive Solutions at Oerlikon, and Mr. Anthony Huang, Chairman of Shanghai Dafangwuyu Automobile Company (DFWY)

Oerlikon Balzers sold first ePD coating system INUBIA in China

The INUBIA I6 system provides chrome-looking plastic metallisation using Oerlikon Balzers’ ePD technology.

The system provides chrome-looking plastic metallisation using Oerlikon Balzers’ ePD technology and enables high-volume mass production in accordance with automotive specifications. The agreement includes job-coating support for the production ramp-up phase.

DFWY, founded in 2003, is a professional technology company providing service to manufacturers operating in the automotive parts and derived product fields. The company is a tier 1 or 2 supplier for national and international OEMs and was awarded a contract for the mass production of ePD coatings for several of its customers’ exterior decorative components. The significant investment made in the INUBIA I6 enables DFWY to serve the automotive industry at an excellent level of quality with high-end chrome-looking components.

Jochen Weyandt, Head of Oerlikon’s Business Unit Automotive Solutions, looks forward to an exciting relationship between the two companies: “This strategic agreement proves that our environmentally friendly ePD technology has won recognition from international tier1s and OEMs and that Oerlikon Balzers has officially entered the supply chain for automotive design components in China. It is a breakthrough for our ePD business of applying perfectly chrome-looking surfaces and optional additional functionalities to interior and exterior components for the automotive industry. DFWY is a very engaged and innovative tier 1 or 2 with strong relationships to Chinese and international automotive OEMs and will be a great ambassador for our technology. We are looking forward to implementing the ePD technology on the DFWY production line”.

In the initial phase until the equipment is set up and running at DFWY’s premises, Oerlikon Balzers will deliver job coating services from its customer centre in Suzhou to support the production ramp-up at DFWY.

Mr. Anthony Huang, Chairman of Shanghai DFWY, stated: “I’d like to thank the whole team at Oerlikon Balzers for their invaluable consultancy at every step of this project providing a cooperation truly based on professionality and active support. The INUBIA I6 equipment will drive our business of high-volume production forward. We look ahead to fast process cycles with a high throughput that translates into cost-effective production. The ePD technology is a promising environmentally friendly coating solution that meets the high protective requirements of our automotive customers”.

About ePD and INUBIA coating systems

ePD stands for “embedded PVD for Design parts” and represents an environmentally friendly and future-oriented coating procedure developed by Oerlikon Balzers. Whenever high-end metallic surfaces on plastic parts are required, ePD is the sustainable alternative to today’s conventional production technologies. No Oerlikon Balzers sold first INUBIA in China 2/3 environmentally harmful chrome derivatives are used in the process. The INUBIA I6 is a fully automated and user-friendly systems that provide ePD based coatings. The integrated system, completely developed and built by Oerlikon Balzers, enables high-volume mass production in accordance with automotive specifications.

Today, the automotive industry is confronted with global trends like lightweight, smart components and high levels of individualisation. The stringent laws and regulations imposed on the automobile manufacturing process will save energy and better protect the environment. Oerlikon Balzers ePD technology helps car manufacturers meet these demanding goals. Its INUBIA I6 equipment system can not only produce coatings with popular chrome plating but is also a green technology without any harmful substances in its production process. It meets the national standards for green production unequivocally.

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