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Valve plates and Valve stems

Some components like valve plates with special impact loads are coated with very ductile BALINIT CNI (CrN) coatings.

Valve plates and Valve stems

Some older systems are coated with BALINIT A (TiN). Valve plates subject to extreme loading are coated with BALIQ ALCRONOS. BALIQ CARBOS STAR is used for highly loaded precision valves, e.g for HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography valves, where hardenss, toughness low friction and smooth surfaces are required.

Your advantages with BALINIT-coated diesel injection components:

  • Excellent sliding-wear resistance (galling, scuffing) against metal counterfaces 
  • Enables higher injection pressure for lower consumption and emissions
  • Protects against abrasive particle wear
  • Protects against high-impact oscillation
Řešení Povlakový materiál Technologie povlakování Tvrdost povlaku HIT [GPa] Součinitel tření (za sucha) vs. ocel Max. provozní teplota [°C] Teplota procesu [°C]
CrN Sputter 18 +/-3 ~0,5 700 < 250
TiN Arc 30 +/- 3 ~0,6 600 < 500
CrN / a-C S3p 30–40 0.1 - 0.2 350 < 200

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