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Drawing on more than 20 years of experience of coating engine parts for the racing industry Oerlikon Balzers offers high performance hard carbon-based coatings that reduce friction and wear, and increase power and reliability. Discover the latest technology development in motorsports. BALIQ® CARBOS and BALIQ® CARBOS STAR are our latest extremely hard DLC solutions designed to boost your engine’s performance and raise your results to new levels.

There are many good reasons to consider a partnership with Oerlikon Balzers and use hard coatings on your components:

  • Greatly improved wear resistance increases component service life and durability and provides emergency running reserves.
  • Reduced frictional losses increase power output and reduce the thermal load on engines.
  • Use of lighter materials and more compact design reduce overall weight and costs.
  • Original parts can be coated without any design change.
  • Low coating temperatures avoid shape or dimensional changes and the need for finishing work.
  • All coating processes are documented, all coating centres are certified.
  • Short delivery times and competent local advice, thanks to more than 100 coating centres throughout the world.

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