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SinplexPro Plasma Spray Gun Achieves Rapid Market Acceptance

Pfäffikon, Switzerland — July 12, 2018 — Cascading arc technology continues to prove its value to the thermal spray industry.

SinplexPro Plasma Spray Gun Achieves Rapid Market Acceptance

Since its market release, some 200 SinplexPro plasma spray guns are now in operation around the globe.

Joining Oerlikon Metco’s very successful cascading arc spray technology, SinplexPro was released to the market just 5 years ago. Since that time, it has proven itself to be a very beneficial part of plasma spray systems.

Like its Oerlikon Metco counterpart, the TriplexPro-210, SinplexPro incorporates cascading anode technology that fixes the plasma arc length. This results in an order of magnitude less voltage oscil-lation during operation. Customers benefit from very stable higher voltage, lower amperage opera-tion, resulting in longer spray times between gun overhauls, higher throughput that saves on pro-cessing time, and significantly improved coating reproducibility and reliability. The capital costs for the gun are attractive, but more importantly, that cost is quickly absorbed by operational cost savings, generally within a few months to one year of operation.

“Customers really like the fact that the SinplexPro, like the TriplexPro-210, starts up and sprays the same way each and every time without having to ‘tweak’ their spray parameters. They also really like the fact that they can spray faster and more reliably than they could with their previous spray gun. The customers’ cost savings are significant and measurable,” states Omar Sabouni, Product Line Manager for Oerlikon Metco.

The SinplexPro series spray guns, which are available in a 90° and 180° configurations, have been adopted by customers on new plasma spray systems as well as for upgrades to existing spray systems. As an upgrade, SinplexPro has been used to replace both Oerlikon Metco conventional plasma spray guns and competitive spray guns.

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